XperYenZ™ Distance Measurement. A novel way to capture depth information.



XperYenZ™ sensor systems are based on innovative 3D sensing concepts (patent pending). They determine distance from beam profile properties. Providing solutions beyond what other technologies like time-of-flight or structured light can offer.

We are developing distance measurement solutions for various applications in different industries. They work with visible or infrared light, covering both visible and invisible scanning applications.

XperYenZ™ sensor systems determine distance from beam profile properties

Fiber optic sensor


The XperYenZ™ fiber optic sensor is the first compact system in the world that can measure absolute distance through optical fibers. It can be used for various applications, e.g. factory automation, inspection, industrial or medical endoscopy.

Key benefits for industrial applications using XperYenZ™ fiber optic sensors:

  • spatial separation of optics and electronics for challenging environments
  • near-field distance measurements with a small measurement head
  • indepence of fiber material and type
  • robust presence detection on objects with varying reflectivity

Exemplary specifications

Measurement range:

25 mm – 120 mm

Linearity error:

< 0.5 mm for bright surface (84% reflectivity)

< 1mm for dark surface (10% reflectivity)


< 0.3 mm for bright surface

< 1 mm for dark surface

Temperature drift: (0 °C – 60 °C)

< 2 mm

Target angle dependent drift: (-50 °C – 50 °C)

< 1.5 mm

Specifications of prototype. Adaptations (range, wavelength, fiber length, dimensions and material) for specific applications possible.

Linear sensors


XperYenZ™ enables high accuracy measurements in the near-field. trinamiX offers two implementations for linear sensing. Firstly, a compact version, which unlike other triangulation based sensors operates without the need for a baseline. Secondly, a mixed ‘Time of Flight’ (ToF) version which enhances the performance of standard ToF sensors by providing better near-field performance. These systems could be used for factory automation, quality and safety control.


Exemplary specifications

Measurement range:

15 – 3000 mm


2 mm (at 200 mm)

0,5 mm (at 1500 mm)

Measurement speed:

105 kHz


Integrated in ToF system

These characteristics are specifications of a prototype. They are not limitations for a product.

Rotational scanner


The XperYenZ™ rotational scanner with a 360° view can capture position and distance of objects around the scanner. The scanner can be used for the indoor navigation for industrial as well as consumer applications.


Exemplary specifications

Measurement range:

100 - 4000 mm


50mm (at 2000mm)


1 mm

Angular resolution:


Rotational speed:

240 rpm

Measurement frequency:

2880 Hz


115 x 115 x 70 mm

These characteristics are specifications of the prototype. They are not limitations for a product.

Tune your own XperYenZ™


3D sensing is a balance of multiple parameters like range, resolution, speed and cost. Our XperYenZ™ technology portfolio allows us to tune these parameters to fulfill your requirements while keeping the system as lean as possible.